Frank Schroeder  


“I seek to stand face-to-face with myself, know who I am and speak to the universe”.
 Frank Schroeder is an experienced French painter whose works have featured in prominent exhibitions in the US, UK and Spain. Partly revisiting classic religious and philosophical themes with a contemporary outlook, and partly exploring personal and introspective reflections, he composes paintings that burst with color and tell stories. Schroeder intends for each viewer to embark on a journey via his works: either to their fears, their reality, or simply back to themselves.
 Frank's work is fast, responsive, and instinctive, and is produced on canvas and cardboard. Given his ‘no time to lose’ mindset he favors acrylic because of its rapid drying time often overlaying this with oil pastels and sometimes spray paint.
 His more recent work tells intricately woven stories of biblical themes and personal experience blended with psychological and emotional confessions. His modernistic use of line combined with energetic colors and evocative Neo-expressionist style is layered with a uniquely patterned use of numbers and type that capture the gaze and encourage new experiences each time the work is engaged.
 His work has often been compared to that of Picasso and Basquiat by a number of art critics. The tension in his pieces reveal a yearning for indulgence and absolution.
 Schroeder comments, “For my part, a painting should not be a simple illustration on canvas. Each painting must tell its viewer a story. I want my viewers to experience the 'Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.' I want them to go through the proverbial mirror in order to get to the other side of my painting and live in my work as part of the story.”

"Where is the King?", 2022


Third version of the theme, "Where is the King?" "Who is the King?" An homage to Ali and Tyson, the denunciation of human relationships. Who will sit on the throne? We fight in order to be the Strongest, the Best, the Boss. We consider our human experience with others like a boxing ring without empathy. 

"1001 Nights", 2021



Inspired from 1001 Nights Tales. Eroticism and sexuality are a major theme within the Tales of Arabian Nights. Dancing through the night in a warm and wet atmosphere this is a tale of a woman telling stories to the King every night in order to not be killed. We all at some point wear a mask that falsely depicts our true self to be other than what it is, in order to save ourselves. 




The fourth version of "The Last supper series, highlighted by Forbes Magazine during Miami Basel. Illustration of the "Last Supper" with only Black figures and Jesus identified as red. A political piece depicting black people at the center of attention. Chaos in the background illustrating the racial issues in United States society. It took six months for this piece to be finalized.

Frank Schroeder: A Retrospective Virtual Exhibit

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